Things A Serious Relationships Can Change

So being in and out of relationships since I was 18 has taught me many things. If you want it to work, then you may have to change some things about your life. Some are trivial but others may want you to rethink if you’re ready to start a serious relationship.

 Night Life


It’s not uncommon for bars and clubs to be a popular destination for all you 20-somethings out there (I practically lived there). Nothing like wasting your paycheck away by slamming down some starf*ckers and nothing to remember it by except a few crude snap chats, right? Well say goodbye when you get in a relationship. With all the exes, drama and alcohol, you will find yourself arguing in the bathroom more than enjoying your night.

Instead try having a kickback or party. That way you can control your audience, yourself and save a couple of bucks. Remember, a bottle lasts longer than a couple shots!

Guys Night


Now before you go “What kind of jealous crazy boyfriend does this guy have!” hear me out. If you are a fun, live-in-the-moment extrovert like myself, then you probably have fun, live-in-the-moment friends too. They will invite you out to crazy concerts, random barhopping and the occasional underwear party. You probably have hundreds of crazy stories with these guys involving all sorts of odd scenarios but I bet most of these stories didn’t involve you having a boyfriend. If the guys invite you out and you bring “the bae,” just know you can’t live to the bro code y’all used to. It’s great you want to share these moments with your boyfriend but just know:

  1. He may not like it.
  2. You will feel guilty if he doesn’t.
  3. Your friends will always pressure you.

Your Routine


 It’s safe to say an average gay 20-something will balance fitness, work and his social life (I balanced this very well until I met the love of my life). Now, you have to balance fitness, work, social life and your new boyfriend. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Now every moment free of the day is devoted to your guy. Free time? Ha, now it’s “we time” and if you ever do get free time you will probably not even know what to do with yourself. Enjoy those extra pounds you’re feeling.


holding hands

 So I said a few things may change in your life. What I really meant is “a few to everything you ever knew”. Just when you want to be selfish, you find this great guy that, somehow, makes you happy. He will change but for the better. Now instead of clubs, you have date night. Instead of being bored, you have him to hold, laugh with and have those intimate moments with. I mean having a boyfriend has its perks and, I’m sure, you will miss none of these changes…. because he is worth it.


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